My objective has always been to provide an accessible legal service, where the client understands their personal commitment and experiences that they have benefitted from it. AVA Legal is a law firm which strives to provide clear and pleasant communication with clients and quality legal services, where the tasks and costs are tailored to the needs of each individual client. I handle cases of all scopes for individuals and companies alike and provide them with legal advice. My primary areas of expertise are litigation before district courts, in both civil and criminal cases, as well as management of personal injury cases. For more details regarding the lattermost mentioned, please check BOTAMAL.IS which is dedicated to the firm’s handling of such cases. If you have a case and need legal advice, feel free to reach out and together we can decide whether there are sufficient grounds to proceed further.

- Arnar Vilhjálmur Arnarsson, attorney at law with the Icelandic Bar Association



The firm offers legal counseling in various areas of the law, provided to clients through in-person or online meetings. This gives you the opportunity to get expert advice and guidance on your legal rights and position for a modest price.


The firm undertakes cases for clients and sees them through until the end. It is important that every case is dealt with in an orderly manner. Therefore, the firm aims to ensure that the client is always aware of what the next steps are in their case.


Litigation is one of the firm's primary areas of expertise. We cover all litigation before district courts, from the filing of a case until it is resolved with a settlement or judgement. The firm handles both civil and criminal cases.


Precision is key when it comes to preparing legal documents such as wills, settlements, and contracts. The firm prepares legal documents at a reasonable and fixed price and provides legal advice related to the prepared documents at no extra cost.


Inquiries are free of charge! No fee is required for a first meeting or interview where the case is reviewed. From there, we can decide whether there is sufficient basis for further action.


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Cases are either charged at an hourly rate, an interest-related fee or at a fixed total price—depending on the type of case and the agreement of both parties. Those interested in the services provided are encouraged to contact the firm. The first meeting is free of charge. There you will have the opportunity to run your legal issue or task by an attorney, and together decide whether and how best to proceed.